1. Dashcam Guy

    Gave up after my failing SECOND Blackvue DR750s

    So I ordered the Blackvue DR750s as soon as it was released on the Blackboxmycar site. I spared no expense (got the Cellink B battery pack, harwire kit, rear camera, 128gb card, and CPL filter for the glare). It was an easy install in my 2015 Lexus IS Fsport, but I immediately noticed it had...
  2. H

    Using USB ports in Lexus ES 350 to power Dashcam

    I recently ordered the A119, and my question is can I run the power cable to the center console that has a USB plug? Has anyone tried using this? Alternatively if the wire is long enough i might try to run it under the drivers seat to the back cigarette lighter plug and use the included...