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    Lukas LK290 - Parking Mode Signal?

    Hi guys, As a secondary question to my original thread found here: Mini 0906 + Lukas LK 290 - Not Going To Parking Mode My question is, does the Lukas LK290 supports sending the "Parking Mode" signal to its output? As a summary of above thread, my equips are in my sig, and the Mini 0906 does...
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    Should I buy a PMP-type of device for this setup below?

    If I have my dash cam hardwired to the fusebox and connected via a Cellink, T-Power Plus or some other similar secondary battery UPS, should I still buy a Battery Discharge Prevention device, such as the Lukas LK-290, Power Magic Pro, or ("the Mercedes of BDPs") the Vico-Power Plus? I am not...