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    dod ls460w de after update

    after uploading the file to the card I connected the camera to the power supply. He turns on the blue light. I waited more than two minutes. nothing has changed. I disconnected the camera. I took out the memory card. the camera does not turn on lights up only the blue light.
  2. R

    Video problem

    Hello, have LS460W about 6 months but now I have a problems. I uploaded a short video, see it please. Video isn't stable, it shakes.. Can anybody tell me where may be a problem? BTW where can I found latest firmware? Want to try pre-flash it again. It's not on official website. Thank you...
  3. T

    DOD LS460W vs Transcend DrivePro

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new dash cam, and with my relatively cheap, off-brand camera crapping out after a year of light use, I decided to increase my budget this time around. At my current price range, I narrowed my choices between DOD's LS460W and Transcend's DrivePro series, and I'm finding...
  4. R

    LS460W switches on-off-on

    Hi there, I just got a couple of DOD LS460W cameras and both have an intermittent and minor problem. I've hard wired both into our two cars. About 50% of the time the camera will come on with the ignition, stay one for a few seconds, then turn off, then immediately turn on again and function...
  5. -Pizdys-

    Mio 538 Deluxe vs LS430W (NextBase 402G) and LS460W (investigation of Sensor / CPU type...)

    Mio 538 Deluxe: pros: + speed camera warnings + unlisted speed cam can be easy add manually (just one button click) + camera recognise mmc 64GB/128GB and can format it to FAT32 automaticaly (without PC) + 8GB Class 10 mmc in box + Parking mode with 3sec pre-rec feature cons: - biggest car...