1. almnd11

    Idiot Truck Driver in Restricted Lane Clogging Traffic

    More idiot drivers in Maryland. The first clip shows a truck driver going up South Mountain on I-70 who decides to stay in the far left lane that is restricted to no trucks. Speed limit is 70 but this a-hole is blocking traffic. Happens all too often on this stretch. This driver should have...
  2. E

    My law blog regarding dashcams

    Hello all. I am attaching the substance of my law blog regarding dash cams here. It is written for the layperson, so you may find the info about dashcams a bit basic. Hopefully, you can find some of the legal information useful. The original blog entry, with embedded links, can be found...
  3. E

    Maryland Attorney - New to Forum

    Hello. My name is Wayne. I'm a Maryland attorney, and I'm new to the forum! In a couple of days, I will be posting a blog article about the legal implications of webcams. I will post it in the legal section when it is up! (UPDATE: the blog can be found here as well...