memory cards

  1. K


    Hi, I bought a DOD RC500S (2CH) a little while ago online. I am having quite a few issues with it. This is the first dash cam I've ever bought. -CAMERAS WIFI. There is a button to turn the WIFI on, on the Camera. When you press the button, it goes 'beep' but nothing happens....I know it's weird...
  2. Chris Hunt

    Best Dashcam MicroSD cards for 2019?

    Interested in anyone's thoughts or feedback on what are the best Micro SD cards for dashcam use. We have traditionally recommended Samsung EVO Plus but as time as technology change and card manufacturers upgrade and change their specs it would be good to know what is now working, OR not working...
  3. P

    K1S Micro SD card. Who uses what and what works?

    Hi, Not long had my K1S fitted and put a Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC card in. This is a USH-1 class 10. I thought this would be sufficient with a 10MB/s write speed at least. The two cameras have a joined Full HD bit rate of 23bps which is about 2.75MB/s. Would seem that not all cards are...