micro sd cards

  1. Chris Hunt

    Best Dashcam MicroSD cards for 2019?

    Interested in anyone's thoughts or feedback on what are the best Micro SD cards for dashcam use. We have traditionally recommended Samsung EVO Plus but as time as technology change and card manufacturers upgrade and change their specs it would be good to know what is now working, OR not working...
  2. Ferginator

    Questions about the purchasing the DR650S-2CH IR MicroSD and Cable?

    I had some questions as I was not sure if it would be cheaper to get these pieces else where. The first thing is they want to know what memory capacity I want and the price jumps $73 for a 128GB but I can find brand new ones for less online at other places like Walmart, Best Buy, Micro Center...
  3. newton

    Micro SD card compatability with my 6 Mobius. What worked for me.

    Ok, so I wanted to post about this and my experiences with compatibility of Micro SD cards and my collection of Mobius. Turns out what the solution was for me, wasn't what I expected. Id run all cards with FAT32 and always used 32GB on FW ranging from the latest to my favorite of FW0.59 My...