night shot help

  1. E

    Modifying a F1 for night vision. Help needed!

    I'm trying to modify the Gitup F1 for night vision using an IR flashlight. But after asking for help here and also in the Threeye store, I couldn't find the proper lens. The original especs of this camera are: M12 160º 8MP f 2.8 Sony 1/2.5 inch Sensor I would like to have a similar FOV and...
  2. E

    SJCAM SJ8 for NIGHT VISION? Please help

    I want to modify the new SJ8 PRO Action camera, removing the IR filter... But do you know if it's possible? Is it easy to do that? I only found people doing it with older models from the same brand, but I want to buy this new model because it's specs.
  3. diggitydavit

    Questions of a Newbie Yi Owner

    Hi, I've had my YI for about 2 weeks now and absolutely loving it. I just have some questions regarding some settings for the camera. 1. I made some night videos last night and decided to lower the resolution a bit but higher frame rate, but the footage I got was jittery and wasn't smooth...