not recording

  1. H

    My B1W not recording!!!!!!

    what's up all, I wired up my B1W today and successfully connected it to my phone but it seems like it's not recording. The green light is always on instead of flashing, any solutions for that? Cheers!
  2. H

    Nextbase 222 not recording

    Any ideas on how I could fix this would be great as I’ve only had the dash cam for a few months! My Nextbase 222 regularly freezes when recording when it gets to 0:33. This will last for a minute or two and then it will start recording again from 0:00, however this means half of my journey is...
  3. rzammit

    Parking mode: Recording for 8 hours and then stops

    Hi I bought the camera a few months ago. I noticed that in parking mode, it records for 8 hours roughly, and then it stops. I tried to change the voltage settings and time settings. I also formatted the camera multiple times. No luck. I have a new Mercedes and it is impossible that the battery...
  4. A

    Problems since adding rear cam / hoping can be fixed by a firmware release

    Hello all - Having a few reliability issues I'm hoping someone can give advice on. I'm using the 512GW with the attached rear cam for the past 4 months. Originally when I only had the front cam it was working 'OK' - not amazing (battery life is poor, sometimes it won't automatically start...
  5. GMProps

    Did I make a big mistake?

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and so glad that I have found this place. I have always wanted a dash cam ever since I had a car accident almost 4 years ago. I could have really used it then. Anyway, I finally got lured into purchasing a Novatek T810 OnCam from Tmart. I received it and...
  6. D

    New 0806 cut off after 30 miles of a 200 mile trip

    Hi all, I am new here but couldn't find a similar post. I installed my 0806 with gps adapter 3 weeks ago, all has been working fine set to 2560p. Last week the 0806 was beeping after a few minutes and saying it had bad fragments on the card (32Gb samsung class 10). Formatted the card and all...