out of focus

  1. S

    Left side is out of focus

    Hello, I bought Viofo A119 and left side of the video is blurred. You can clearly see it on this screenshot (click to enlarge): How to repair this? I wrote to Viofo (here on this forum), but they didn't reply. Cheers
  2. SteveFL

    Front & Rear cams totally out of focus

    I have had my DR750LW-2CH for just over a year. I just discovered that images on both the front and rear cameras are totally out of focus. Yes, the lens is clean and the windshield is clean as well. Has anyone else experienced this out of focus state? What is causing it and can it be...
  3. C

    Check video, picture and out of focus on new xiaomi yi.

    Hello @all I recived my xiaomi z23L and I'm not sure if my cam is ok. FW: 1.2.13 Because I have graining in my recordings and pictures, also my pictures has a gray dust and the left corner is more sharper than the middle and right side I am opening this thread. I hope we can focus our doubts...