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  1. Paul Iddon

    Oumax RV55HD-M (5.0 Inch Rear View Mirror Monitor with built-in Ultra HD Dashcam)

    Thank you Caroline at Oumax for providing this model for review. There are plenty of videos and images below, so sit back and take a chill pill, or if you're less patient, just pick a couple and enjoy, lol... So this is a dashcam that goes over your existing internal rear view mirror for...
  2. Paul Iddon

    Blueskysea B1W Budget 1080p Wi-Fi Dashcam Review

    The camera arrived in a tidy but plain brown box - and contained the following: The dashcam, 1 adhesive 3M mount (with 2 spare sticky pads), a power cable for your cigarette lighter socket, a micro USB cable, a small cleaning cloth and the manual. There is no memory card supplied. The dashcam...