1. Squirrel

    Is the 0801 battery protected?

    Hello all, my trusty 0801 had been coming up with the error message about failing to write/needing recovery on startup which I believe is caused by the battery being dud. I removed the battery from it and soldered in one I had in the bits box from a mini quadcopter. However I'm worried that...
  2. A

    All the files on micro SD card are write-protected!

    When I connect the camera to the computer through the USB cable I cannot make any changes to the card because the videos show up as write protected. How to disable this protection?
  3. L

    5000X ELITE – How can i protect video?

    SJcam 4000 manual says; – Press the Mode button while recording to protect a video from accidental deletion. A key icon appears on the display. But when i do it, take a photo at my 5000x. So how can i protect a file with my 5000x ?
  4. C

    A Couple Newbie Questions

    After using the CaroO dashcam app on my smartphone for a few weeks, I finally broke down and bought a new Mini 0806. I've been trying to learn how to operate it for a couple days, and I must say that it is not the most intuitive piece of equipment I've ever owned. That being said, I have some...