rearview mirror dashcam

  1. C

    Rearview mirror cam kit

    Any indications on a good rearview mirror cam kit? My car has no rear cam. I am looking forward a rearview mirror cam to place it over my current rearview mirror. Some requirements: 1) No need to use USB or 12v power adapter, being wired directly from the trunk plate backlight. 2) Front cam to...
  2. KEHAN

    Most Affordable Dual Lens Dashcam with Rearview Mirror - KEHAN H10

    If you're looking for a dual lens or rearview mirror dashcam, the KEHAN H10 would be a good steal. KEHAN H10 FHD Dual Lens Dashcam with Rearview Mirror: (50% off for Black Friday) Reduce visual obstructions while driving with the KEHAN...
  3. U

    Suggestions and/or Recommendations for a Taxi dash cam - Part II

    Recently, at this post HERE, I asked for ideas for dash cam with sound to be used to record the driver and a police officer outside the driver's window during a traffic stop. I termed such dash cam a "taxi dash cam". The suggestion from those that helped me find a solution was overwhelmingly in...
  4. jadohogan

    Why rearview mirror dashcam is not hot in market ?

    Why rearview mirror dashcam is not hot in market ? This question is confused me for a little long time , because rearview mirror dashcam seems more convenient than Mini . hope to receive your share , thank you !!!
  5. jadohogan

    JADO D610-AD

    JADO D610-AD AIT chipest GPS logger FCWS (Front collision warning system ) LDWS ( Lane departure warning system )
  6. jadohogan

    JADO D650S rearview mirror dashcam, front and rear camera

    JADO D650S rearview mirror dashca , front and rear camera , park rear video . 4.3"LCD anti-glare blue mirror Support Front & Rear camera , park rear video Full HD1080P , 500 million pielxs, 1200million image pielxs G-sensor , motion detection, seamless & loop recording