1. ryanjay88

    Help Possibly Extending Video Record Times w/ VAVA DASH-CAM: VA-CD001

    Hello, I looked around a bit and couldn't see any information or support groups that may be able to assist me. I tried searching Sony's site and nothing so apologies if I am asking in the wrong place. I recently got the VAVA VA-CD001 Dash-Cam for my truck and it was fairly easy to install &...
  2. L

    Increase recording time

    Is there any modded firmware available that can increase the recording chunks to something other than a minute? It's honestly annoying to go through so many clips and as far as I know, the reasoning for this is so that in case you lose power from an accident, it can still save the footage. I...
  3. P

    Videos are being cut short

    Hi My xiaomi yi is stopping the recording short at random times. Sometimes it will record 50sec sometimes just stop shorter, and then restarts again. I only notice this when viewing the recorded footage. It get worst when I switch to 60frame/sec. This leads me to believe that my card is too...
  4. A

    DR550-2CH GPS Speed Issue

    Hello everyone!! I was wondering if someone may have had this issue or may know a way to fix the problem. Lately, I have not been getting the speed reading on the camera. The GPS light is blue and working, I get good GPS location on the map but it is not reading the speed, all it shows is "---...
  5. K

    What's my best option?

    I have a 2011 Toyota Camry. I am looking to purchase 2 cameras that can record and stream the live view to an external monitor at the same time. Think of it as a backup camera, but that's not the purpose I will be using it for. There are lots of backup cameras that can give you the view, but as...
  6. S

    Xiaoyi dashcam - record in non HD to store more videos

    I have been using Xiaoyi dashcam, no doubt it is a wonderful device with great quality videos. The problem I am facing is that being an HD video recorder, Xiaoyi dashcam is only able to store 4 hours video in 32GB of memory card. Even if I go for 64GB, it will save just 8 hours of videos. As...
  7. A

    Motorcyclist Can't Handle The Heat From This Fort McMurray Wildfire

    Leaving Beacon Hill May 3rd 2016 at 2 PM biker trys to shield himself from th heat with a truck and then quickly takes off to get away from it... I can't even begin to imagine how horrifying that was to go through!
  8. B

    Yi Plus - A mod for switching capture and recording modes

    I've created a program to allow mode and setting changes without connecting to a phone and without needing to reboot. I've only tested it with 1.2.12 and 1.2.13 firmware so I can't guarantee it will work on anything else. Download...