1. HopWorks

    Need Recommendations - Four 4k Car Cameras

    Hello! My wife and I travel a lot, and I like to use the video from my car dash cameras to add to the video I put together on the trip. Currently, I only have the VIOFO A129 Duo, but we want four 4K cameras to capture not only the front and back, but the sides also. Our 2018 Kia Sorento has...
  2. Durga Bali

    Viofo A129 Plus Duo recording issues

    Hi All, I recently a month back bought the Viofo A129 Plus duo cam and setup in my car. First few days I saw issues of failing to record when I used Kexin and Sandisc Ultra cards. Reached to customer support and they suggested me to try with Samsung Pro Endurance or Viofo sd cards. So, I...
  3. S

    Continuous recording

    Hi, I had my Nextbase 322 professionally hardwired in yesterday and have noticed that it is continually recording (red light flashing) while the car is not in use. The unit is also very hot. I have turned the motion detector to 'off' so to shouldn't be picking any outside movement. I don't...
  4. R

    Is it only me getting 2560*1440 30fps for front camera?

    I have the U1000 front and rear camera, and the micro sd card that is coming in the box. Whatever I choose in the app, 4k 30fps + QHD 30fps or 4k 1channel, for continuous recording, I am only getting 2560*1440 30fps file for FRONT camera (sample video file attached). Only for event recording, I...
  5. X

    Restarting record after exiting Video list

    Hello all b1w owners! I've got a acv gq900w - it's a clone of b1w that sold in Russia. It is the same device, just with different name and it can be flashed with b1w firmware. But it has it's own firmware\app and it has the same functions except one differens - with b1w firmware (20180528s...
  6. T

    Parking mode says I have 10 incidents - but no files!

    Have the 2channel Thinkware F800 Pro Before entering my car, I see a blinking red light. Open the door and the voice tells me there are "10 recorded incidents". When I go to my App > File List > there are no new videos recorded. Side Note: I reformatted the card just now and hoping it will...
  7. S

    Quiet beeping in audio until Save button pressed? (A119S V2)

    I was listening back to some recordings recently using headphones, and I noticed that there's a quiet, regular beeping present in the audio of recorded files. It's not a beep like the beeps you get when you press the buttons (I have the button sounds disabled anyway), it's a much lower level...
  8. basior

    1.3.4 firmware loop recording problem

    Bought my yi 4k from gearbest, with the latest firmware and looks like there's bug in loop recording. Decided to use it today as dashcam, 5 min vides, loop recording, driving both ways ~30 mins. Don't know how but camera not only splitted files in 1-minute vids but also kept only 5 of them each...
  9. D

    Lukas 7900 ACE - "Err 002"

    Team, Very frequently I start getting "Err002" error messages. When looking at the recordings on the flash card I see - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb - recording 175Mb .....(Err002 message) - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb - recordings 2.4 Mb Sometimes it...
  10. H

    Using the Yi for scheduled video recording.

    Hello~ I'm in the process of trying to design/implement a video recording system, based on the Yi. Any advice/assistance that you may have, will be greatly appreciated. Little background: I have a NAS box, in this case it's a Netgear ReadyNAS based system with about 9TB of usable space. This...
  11. Berserk80

    Driving mode recording also if the car is parked...temperature problem?

    Hi all Sometimes, after work, I go back to my car and I find that the dashcam is recording in Always mode also if the car is parked... This is bad for 2 reasons: it can drain the car battery if the car remain parked for days (I suppose that the camera doesn't check the voltage if it's in...
  12. P

    how to write protect a recorded video?

    There are times that I forget to do an emergency recording when an incident occurs and I can't seem to figure out how to save a previously recorded video in the "EMER" folder. I have a Mivue 388 and I've been fiddling with the functions for as long as I had the unit and until now I'm still...
  13. S

    Xiaoyi dashcam - record in non HD to store more videos

    I have been using Xiaoyi dashcam, no doubt it is a wonderful device with great quality videos. The problem I am facing is that being an HD video recorder, Xiaoyi dashcam is only able to store 4 hours video in 32GB of memory card. Even if I go for 64GB, it will save just 8 hours of videos. As...
  14. X

    Why doesn't my XY start recording right away when I press the button...?

    Before anyone asks: Have you allowed the software to load? Yes. I have my camera set to go automatically into video mode on power up and I wait until the little red LEDs are on before I press record. Once I press record, I hear the beep and I wait to see the red LEDs flash, and then I begin...
  15. G

    Gitup Git2 shaking video problem

    Hi, I just recently bought my Git2 camera and got satisfied on my first few videos. Recently though, I had this problem when I record videos they are shaking tremendously. Did anyone experience something like this before already?
  16. Najeem

    Audio stops recording

    I have blackvue 650 2ch and for some reason the audio randomly stops recording. I have to restart the camera for it to start recording audio again or activate it using the motion audio sensor. Here are the steps i have taken so far but the problem still exists. -Format SD Card -Put tape on...
  17. X

    Thinkware F750: live view mode while recording

    Hi all, Yesterday I finally received my new dashcam, a Thinkware F750. I'm very pleased with this new dashcam but I have a question: When I connect my dashcam to the dashcam app via wifi, the dashcam stops recording during using the app. The recording continues again after I close the app on...
  18. D

    B40 - LED Record Light Blinking and Solid During Drive

    Hi everyone. I just bought my first dashcam recently which is the B40 camera. Everything appears well so far, but I'm coming across a weird issue. During my daily commute, the dash Cam starts up, records and turns off like normal. The strange thing is that there are times where the camera's...