1. Abana Mat

    Lukas / Qvia products are bad, and Service Team are petty thieves (IMHO)

    in addendum to this post, but exceeding coleagues' bad experience: had two R935 dashcams, both BNIB from eBay trader (since there is no dealer nearby). Installed one of them ('1st') in professional workshop, another unit ('2nd') remained sealed in original box. 1st unit worked quite well for...
  2. Huib

    Ambarella Mini 0803 in a city service bus in the Netherlands

    Chaps, I purchased a Mini0805 but got a Mini0803. Till now this device works. I use it sometimes in a city service bus. Normally it rewrites the files and only when there is "something to see" I keep the files. Wih this footage I made a compilation and put this in YouTube: It is not the...