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    SGZC12SG with Cellink B Battery

    I recently invested in a Cellink 2.0 battery to power two SG dashcams (SGZC12SG and SGZC12SS) and wonder if anyone else has been able to get this setup to work reliably. I'm having problems with the Cellink battery not powering the dash cams after turning off the ignition. I've tried different...
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    Can I power the SGZC12SG with any Mini-USB cable or am I required to use the included adapter

    I'd rather just plug in my own USB cable to my multiport USB Adapter that's already occupying my cigarette lighter to charge my phone and other devices. Assuming amperage is high enough, can I just plug a USB to Mini-USB cable into my pre-existing multi-port charger and forgo using the included...
  3. K

    Which camera ?

    I want to buy a new dash cam for the front and rear of my car. I don't mind buying two individual ones or 2 channel one. Price isn't such a huge issue. Camera will be hardwired. Looking for something reliable, good video quality (night and daytime) and good parking mode. I was looking at the...
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    which one to meet my criteria?

    Hello everyone, this is my 1st post in this forum, although I have been following, reading posts in here for a while. I want to get a dash cam for my new car and not sure which one to choose from. After reading some posts in here, I think the Street Guardian would be a good brand to go with...