1. E

    SJCAM SJ8 for NIGHT VISION? Please help

    I want to modify the new SJ8 PRO Action camera, removing the IR filter... But do you know if it's possible? Is it easy to do that? I only found people doing it with older models from the same brand, but I want to buy this new model because it's specs.
  2. Marcofan76

    SJ8 PRO - Review and Video test

    Hello this is my review in the Italian blog called ActionCamItalia
  3. TonyCams

    SJ8 Pro 4k@60fps, SJ8 Plus 4K@30fps, SJ8 Air Coming Soon!

    SJCAM SJ8 Series will be coming in early 2018! SJ8 series will consist of 3 models, the SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus and SJ8 Air. SJ8pro will have Ambarella chipset and Sony sensor with Native 4K recording capabilities up to 4K@60fps. Check out each model's hot-spots in the links below: SJ8 Pro SJ8 Plus...