sticky mounts / failed what can i do?

  1. EvilPraetorian

    Nextbase 322gw dashcam sticky mount

    Hi all, New user here. Bought a brand new Nextbase 322gw yesterday from currys pc world to replace my cheapo thing that I had off ebay. On fitting the 3m mount, I noticed some of it was touching the raised black dots on the windscreen behind the rear view mirror and of course this meant that...
  2. D

    Sticky mount wearing off

    My camera keeps falling because the sticky mount has dried up/melted. Is there any way to get a replacement mount (just the sticky part)?
  3. J

    dash cam falls off

    After a year of use, my dash cam no longer sticks to the windshield. The view box no longer sticks to the dash panel. Any suggestions as to a product that will overcome these issues?