1. B

    Issues with 64 GB card memory above 32 GB, new firmware required?

    Hi, I own a Panorama IIS since 2014 and have always been using 32 GB cards without problem. Recently I bought a 64 GB card (SanDisk Ultra XC I 10) which initially seemed to work ok but is now having a lot of problems with properly recording the video (only a few frames per minute). A reset...
  2. Yannick

    Git2 Gyro problems (shaky video)

    I was looking for help on Gitup forum, but haven't received support. And thanks to one of the users there (@omegamoto - respect!), I've found out about DashcamTalk board. But to the point: I've got a problem with my Gitup Git2, which looks like it is gyro related one. My videos are shaky (or...