1. TechTronic9000

    GoPro Hero 9 Review & Samples

    The new GoPro 9 marketed as "More Everything" is an interesting approach as it has solved some of the nagging issues of the GoPro 8 and comes with some true upgrades such as the front facing LCD a large 20mp image sensor making it much more better for taking photos, a considerably larger battery...
  2. Viking

    SJDASH unboxing.

    First thanks to SJcam for providing this nice dash camera. I will start out with a an unboxing video.
  3. C

    My WR1 Unboxing / 1st Impression Video

    WR 1 Unboxing and 1st Impressions. Can be viewed in HD and fullscreen, by clicking on the Vimeo logo to take you direct to the Vimeo Website.
  4. I

    Xiaomi Mijia Dash Cam Unboxing

    Recently, Xiaomi MiJia Ecosystem released a a new Carcorder Dash Camera, this product uses a similar mini Compact System Camera design, not only equipped with Sony IMX323 image sensor, Mstar 1080P image processor chip, but also has a large aperture of F1.8 and 160 ° wide wide angle, it's a...
  5. T

    What's in the box and basic install

    Just received my Street Guidarian SG9665GC, and there's a lot of stuff in the box! After watching some YouTube unboxing videos where the person had no idea what some of the stuff was for, I decided to make my own YouTube video to explain. Jon Smejkal of Pier28 was very helpful in answering my...