video stabilization

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    Improving stability and sound in a 4K60 video of the M25

    Oh dear, I forgot to exempt your forum from my VPN. It’s fixed now, sorry. Dear sir/madam, I have a big project that I really want to get done, before bidding farewell to the United Kingdom by the end of this month. I wish to film the entire loop of the M25 in 4K and 60 fps, from Mar Dyke...
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    Gyro advantages and disadvantages?

    Hello all, Like probably a lot of you I encountered distracting vibration issues in my action footage and started exploring image stabilization options. After going through this forum and other resources here is a summary of what I found and some question for your review, I hope the ensuing...
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    Low cost mount for video stabilization?

    I'm currently using a Iphone5 to capture video. I have it mounted to a Iottie Easy Flex mount: The car is a 2014 Honda accord - not too bumpy. Here is an example...