1. David Markham

    I finally lost patience with my U1000

    Good evening / morning folks - wherever you are. Now those of you who have been following my more recent posts will, no doubt, be well aware of my ongoing frustration with the U1000 and the extreme sensitivity of its accelerometer, but events this most recent Friday surrounding its ongoing...
  2. D

    Is my camera dead?

    Noticed this today after turning on my A119s. Had it for less than a year, bought on ebay from springnow15. Is my camera dead? How do I go about getting it replaced under warranty if so? https://ibb.co/m4Obs6
  3. F

    Rexing not replying to my emails re warranty

    I am in month 8 of an 18 month warranty on a Rexing HD18. The camera powers off and shuts down after about a minute. Rexing had me test if it was an SD card or power source/cord issue and had me reload the firmware. None of these worked and it has now been 5 weeks since Rexing has acknowledged...
  4. A

    Graphic artefact + A119S stuck

    Hello fellow dashcamers, I have recently bought a Viofo A119S from eBay. Everything worked perfectly well for ... a month and a week. Yesterday, I noticed that my dashcam failed to registered. I looked at the screen and this is what I saw (cf attached picture). The camera is now stuck...
  5. Ferginator

    Coaxial Cable not long enough

    Hello, I realized the coaxial cable I got for the blackvue, 1.5m, was too short. My mistake. I thought it would be long enough but it just barely makes a B-line from front camera to back. Because of that, I can't hide the cable and so it's just hanging out there. Is there a way to get a longer...
  6. jfsoto1988

    For budget dash cameras ($50-$160 USD), is a extended warranty a good idea?

    When I bought my Thinkware F50 & Spy Tec G1W-C from Best Buy & Amazon.com I passed on the protection plan, but now I am starting to think paying those extra $10 or $14 might of been a good idea. Even though these are budget capacitor dash cams, they are still a big investment. Should I just...
  7. A

    BlackVue Warranty Return Postage SCAM

    Hi fellow BlackVue owners, I just thought I'd warn you all about what I consider to be a SCAM being conducted by those repairing BlackVue Cameras on their behalf (or BlackVue themselves). Post repair, I received an email telling me my DR750-LW had been repaired and that I was to send $40US via...
  8. G

    Has anyone's Xiaomi action camera spoiled yet?

    Anyone's Xiaomi spoilt yet? Not due to bricking or dropping or abuse.