1. D

    Is my camera dead?

    Noticed this today after turning on my A119s. Had it for less than a year, bought on ebay from springnow15. Is my camera dead? How do I go about getting it replaced under warranty if so? https://ibb.co/m4Obs6
  2. F

    Rexing not replying to my emails re warranty

    I am in month 8 of an 18 month warranty on a Rexing HD18. The camera powers off and shuts down after about a minute. Rexing had me test if it was an SD card or power source/cord issue and had me reload the firmware. None of these worked and it has now been 5 weeks since Rexing has acknowledged...
  3. A

    Graphic artefact + A119S stuck

    Hello fellow dashcamers, I have recently bought a Viofo A119S from eBay. Everything worked perfectly well for ... a month and a week. Yesterday, I noticed that my dashcam failed to registered. I looked at the screen and this is what I saw (cf attached picture). The camera is now stuck...
  4. Ferginator

    Coaxial Cable not long enough

    Hello, I realized the coaxial cable I got for the blackvue, 1.5m, was too short. My mistake. I thought it would be long enough but it just barely makes a B-line from front camera to back. Because of that, I can't hide the cable and so it's just hanging out there. Is there a way to get a longer...
  5. jfsoto1988

    For budget dash cameras ($50-$160 USD), is a extended warranty a good idea?

    When I bought my Thinkware F50 & Spy Tec G1W-C from Best Buy & Amazon.com I passed on the protection plan, but now I am starting to think paying those extra $10 or $14 might of been a good idea. Even though these are budget capacitor dash cams, they are still a big investment. Should I just...
  6. A

    BlackVue Warranty Return Postage SCAM

    Hi fellow BlackVue owners, I just thought I'd warn you all about what I consider to be a SCAM being conducted by those repairing BlackVue Cameras on their behalf (or BlackVue themselves). Post repair, I received an email telling me my DR750-LW had been repaired and that I was to send $40US via...
  7. G

    Has anyone's Xiaomi action camera spoiled yet?

    Anyone's Xiaomi spoilt yet? Not due to bricking or dropping or abuse.