1. P

    App stops my 4G internet in the car

    Just getting to grips with a new M6+ If I start the app (network switching in either mode), the app creates a wifi connection with the camera. All good. When I exit the app, the wifi connection remains in the phone (in the wifi section). For ever. So when I get into the car, the phone connects...
  2. E

    Reset Wifi Password

    I have a LK - 7950 WD, is there any way to reset it back to the default wifi password?
  3. R

    Dash can with parking protection / motion decetion and 2ch front back with Wifi?

    Hello, I'm looking for Dash can with parking protection / motion decetion and 2ch front back with Wifi, is there any out there? Also if there any cam that works with iOS for example remote video watching while away from car? Kind Regards RGL
  4. D

    Bootup Wifi When Camera is Turned On

    I'm drawing a complete blank on how to edit scripts. Could someone lend me a hand on how to make the Yi turn on the wifi when turned on. Reason being my wifi button doesn't work anymore. Perhaps this work around can give the software a push to turn on the wifi.
  5. taraf5

    WiFi Cam for mobile needed

    Hi, I am a new member looking into a wireless camera system for my own fleet of trucks. Just not having much luck finding the right features for my needs... Requirements are: Stand-alone wifi/wireless (no router connection or pre-configure) Must be able to connect from an Android/IOS device...
  6. V

    Cannot Disable Auto-run WiFi??

    I got a new DR650GW-2CH after my first one crapped out on me. Before I was able to choose whether or not WiFi would start automatically when I would start the car, starting up the cam. Now it is forced on and the option to enable/disable it is greyed out in both the phone and PC app. This is...
  7. C

    SJCAM M10+ Wifi issues

    There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the way WiFi works on the SJCAM M10+ . You connect with your phone by WiFi (Fine) but then it NEVER turns the wifi off on the camera and its constantly trying to connect back to your phone unless you have the app permanently open on your phone (And set to...
  8. J

    Dashcams with Wireless transfer when you get home?

    Currently using two Genius DVR-FHD590s. Was curious if there are any Dashcams that will automatically sync new video to your computer when you get home via Wifi? Taking out the MicroSD card every so often is rather cumbersome.
  9. Monge

    Crackling audio - Noise Problem

    Hello, I am having the so called WIFI interference audio problem, but it happens even if wifi is turned off. The crackling sound is the same as in the video below. I've tried the tape fix, but it still happen. Anyone else had the same problem? Ideas? Thank You!
  10. dhavie

    Transfer rate of Wifi during live view mode comparison between DR650GW-1CH and 2CH

    hi all, Do you all have any reading on this topic? Please share. For me DR650-1CH Live view has a better quality than 2CH. Thank you

    ATD KOREA Car Dashcam GB-100+(WIFI,Full HD,2CH,GPS,LDWS)

    email : choi3003@atd-korea.com
  12. N

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Wifi problem

    Hi everybody! I have unbricked my camera with 3 red lights. It worked fine when I unbricked with 1.2.6 version and then I updated my camera to 1.2.12 version. Now I can't connect my camera to the app. I have tried with 1.12.3 app and more versions but it can't to connect. Wifi seems work fine...