1. dhavie

    Transfer rate of Wifi during live view mode comparison between DR650GW-1CH and 2CH

    hi all, Do you all have any reading on this topic? Please share. For me DR650-1CH Live view has a better quality than 2CH. Thank you

    ATD KOREA Car Dashcam GB-100+(WIFI,Full HD,2CH,GPS,LDWS)

    email : choi3003@atd-korea.com
  3. N

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Wifi problem

    Hi everybody! I have unbricked my camera with 3 red lights. It worked fine when I unbricked with 1.2.6 version and then I updated my camera to 1.2.12 version. Now I can't connect my camera to the app. I have tried with 1.12.3 app and more versions but it can't to connect. Wifi seems work fine...