1. Skittle

    Cable cover questions

    1) Are there any pictures or videos demonstrating the optimal way to fit & run cables in the cover? There's a nice video on it for the SG9665GC, but I couldn't find anything for the SGGCX2PRO's different cable cover I sorta figured out a way that fits but I was wondering if there was a...
  2. davidr

    Hard wire kit with manual button?

    Hello guys! I have lurked around in this forum for a long time and I am running a Viofo A119 for over a year now. As my next upgrade, I will purchase a A119S for a dual cam setup. Now I wanted to hard wire those, with a more specific setup: My car is a Diesel with a pretty old battery, so all...
  3. A

    wrapping wires directly on fuse

    hello all, Not sure if this is the right board, but I have a question regarding installing the Power Magic Pro. Assuming I have the correct fuse locations (still working that out), would it be fine to wrap the ACC and Battery wires directly on the fuses as seen in the following video: The...