1. mac


    One month old. Looks and works as new. Box and all original accessories included. $69 OBO plus actual CONUS shipping.
  2. C

    My WR1 Review in Various Lighting / Weather Conditions & Comparisons

    Information: WR1 Camera @ Default Settings (Cars clock needed resetting so not showing correct time) Dawn Image shot @ 5.30 am Dusk Images shot @ 21.30 pm Sunny Daytime Images @ 14.30 pm Night Images Shot between 23.30 pm - 00.30 am Mobius and Vico footage were previously recorded stock...
  3. C

    My WR1 Unboxing / 1st Impression Video

    WR 1 Unboxing and 1st Impressions. Can be viewed in HD and fullscreen, by clicking on the Vimeo logo to take you direct to the Vimeo Website.
  4. Viking

    A snapping turtle pass by

    Close to Atietam, Maryland I pass by this turtle, which took it time to pass the road in turtle speed. Clip from wr1
  5. Viking

    WR1 Android Screen layout

    Viofo has offer me this sample of WR1 for test / reviews. Thanks Viofo. I have a chance to play a little with wr1 after I got. My impression of the quality of the camera, its study and have a good feel when you hold in you hand. It looks nice and elegant. In the short time I have had it (24...
  6. Viking

    WR1 unboxing

    I just got a WR1, look very nice.