xiaomi yi

  1. nutsey

    YiMAX-PRO script.

    No more 'watercolor' look. The real 'flat' picture. Optimized bitrate settings. This script provides video footage applicable for post-production needs.
  2. TheRadziu

    What memory card should I get? [stable 40Mbps+]

    Hello, Right now I'm looking for good micro sd card for my Xiaomi yi and I am in kind of rush since I'm going on a trip in 2 weeks. I need a card that can guarantee me stable 40Mbps (or higher) bitrate recording without cutting files and lowered the bitrate to about 20Mbps. Previously I got...
  3. W

    usb doesnt work - anything to do?

    hello guys, I have one question. On my Yi everything was great until last week when my micro usb stopped working. So, I cant charge my battery without external charger and either SD card is not recognized on PC. I tried different usb cables, but nothing happend. I have SD card reader, and...

    HOW TO: Stabilizing your video

    Hey everyone, this is my tutorial how to stabilize the recorded video. STEP BY STEP: Download and unzip ffmpeg from https://ffmpeg.org/download.html Extract the 7zip archive (I recommend extract it to root of any partition e.g. C:\ or D:\) Rename the folder to „ffmpeg“ Paste into...
  5. C

    22L script and software

    Hi guys, I am new on this forum so bare with me. I own a 22L and was playing around with scripts and stuff but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I use the camera for recording tennis games and take stills when going out with my son. I would love an all-around script that would give...
  6. C

    Check video, picture and out of focus on new xiaomi yi.

    Hello @all I recived my xiaomi z23L and I'm not sure if my cam is ok. FW: 1.2.13 Because I have graining in my recordings and pictures, also my pictures has a gray dust and the left corner is more sharper than the middle and right side I am opening this thread. I hope we can focus our doubts...
  7. K

    Xiaomi yi video problem

    The camera shoots videos in small files 40-50 MB. No matter what format shooting, 2К, 1080p, 960p....record 1-2 minutes and stopped :( Mobile application shows "low capacity" then stops recording and afther 10 seconds start again. I use a 16GB SanDisk Ultra class10. Does all this mean that the...
  8. ccdff

    xiaomi yi standart vs custom firmware (download links included)

    A new thread which finally compares all the custom firmwares and a place where you can download them. I love that so many people are passionate about the camera, and tweaking it. Due to the prozessor und the simple firmware build it is easy to squeeze out the last drop of power from your xiaomi...
  9. ccdff

    Problems lag with Xiaomi Yi and iOS App

    Hello fellow dashcamers I'm having really big troubles with the preview in the iOS app (iPhone 5s). It is suuper far behind 1minute and sometimes crashes. I don't really care about the quality and bitrate, I just want to line up my shots without waiting. Can you tweak the fw so that it sends a...
  10. D

    Best Xiaomi Yi Script better than GoPro (2K with 30fps at 25Mb/s)

    After experimenting with scripts for the Xiaomi Yi i finally succeded in creating the best possible footage from the Xiaomi Yi. Below a demo video. Because of youtubes compression it doesn't look as good as the RAW footage. Camera model is Z23L with stock firmware 1.2.12. I did the lens focus...
  11. B

    Does yi camera available? While access usb(data)

    hello, I have a question. (I can't speak english very well....) Does yi camera available? While access usb(data) (Capture, Video recording. and so on..) Not possible reason is that? Please let me know, thanks.
  12. GearBest

    Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Official U.S./EU Edition 2K Super HD

    Hi DCT friends, Long time no see. How are you. We have not updated any new arrival products for a while. Today i would like to share this good news for you all. Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Official U.S./EU Edition 2K Super HD will available in next month! Let's take a look...
  13. P

    Long exposure without scripts?

    Hello! I would like to make timelapse (sunset). But the max shutter speed is limited 1/2 second. The camera doesn't set shutter speed more than this value in the default mode. I don't need the fixed shutter speed. I need reduce the shutter speed (as in default mode) but more than 1/2 second...
  14. X

    Xiaomi yi as dash cam question.

    If I just use the USB cable to power the cam in my car (no battery) and when I stop the car engine, the cam will turn off immediately right? so... 1. Will that damage my SD card? 2. Will it save my last clip? Thanks.
  15. E

    What is the longest recording time you have taken with a Xiaomi Yi?

    Reading most tech review about Xiaomi Yi; Using just the standard battery, you can record for 1hr+. But if you plug it to a power source(usb charger/powerbank), do not use the waterproof casing(to help ventilate the heat) and use 64Gb memory card. What is the longest recording time, before it...
  16. luckylz

    [Xiaomi Yi] Get exif information directly in camera

    I'd like to share my program (written in C) can get some exif information from Xiaomi Yi photo(jpg) / thumbnail(thm), directly run in camera. Limitations: 1.Only works for jpg & thm on Xiaomi Yi camera, others camera jpg format is not same; 2.As I only need the ISO & ShutterSpeed, there are...
  17. F

    Xiaomi Yi Z22L not responding to all scripts

    Hello, I have a Z22L xiaomi yi updated to the 1.2.13 firmware version and using the lastest version of the IOS Yi Action app. The issue I am having is that most of the scripts used in autoexec.ash files have no influence on the final video. To be clear some do work!! Such as turning the...
  18. diggitydavit

    Questions of a Newbie Yi Owner

    Hi, I've had my YI for about 2 weeks now and absolutely loving it. I just have some questions regarding some settings for the camera. 1. I made some night videos last night and decided to lower the resolution a bit but higher frame rate, but the footage I got was jittery and wasn't smooth...
  19. B

    Recorded material, accelerated in watching :( ?

    Hello, I have a problem when I record a material write speed of 30Mbps , it is smooth video ok, but when I set AutoExec file 45 or 50Mbps recording a movie to me as I accelerated in watching him , why this happens ? Kingston microSD card have sdca10 / 16gb IU1 ( 1 in the middle of the letters...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] Record video in station mode crashes camera

    Hi, I really hope someone can help me. I'm trying to get 6 of these cameras set up for a 360 rig and I can't get Station mode to work either with @Andy_S 's CC application or Lucky's Android app. It connects fine and generally takes photos OK - but video doesn't work at all, on all 6...