xiaomi yi

  1. Peicheck

    Subaru Impreza speeding

    Hi! I just got a Xiaomi Yi and used it as a dashcam yesterday, and I saw aSubaru Impreza, it was very imprezive :D If on my first day I catched this, can't wait to catch more nice thingys :D
  2. Yanivez

    Xiaomi Yi + RIG + RC ....how to take pictures?

    Hello, We are trying to build a product based on Xiaomi Yi cameras + rig for 360 and VR (picture below) We bought the cameras + rig + stick and the Remote Control (RC) and we didn't succeed. We connected each one of the cameras to the RC and try to turn-on the cameras together and with the...
  3. L

    [Ask] Xiaomi Yi Power Problem

    I have problem with xiaoyi camera, the condition : • Camera A + Battery = would not start (no beep, no led on) • Camera B + Battery (same baterry with camera A) = normal start • Camera A + Direct to charger = normal start Anyone have some problem? or help me to solve this matter... thx