0806s problems that have developed to become major


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Feb 12, 2020
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United Kingdom
I bought the 0806s due to it having good reports and then the change from lipo batteries to capacitor batteries back in the summer of 2017. I used a power supply from a previous camera I'd got to see how I got on. Everything was fine but the 'battery' never lasted long when the camera was out of the car and switched on to to watch a recording, it switched off within seconds before I could select a file even. Not knowing any better I thought this was par for the course with the capacity battery and didn't suspect anything was wrong.
After a month or so the recordings started to be a bit jerky in places, I put this down to the harsh suspension on my car (a small 2 seater). During a holiday I'd download the trip's pictures and edit them into a series of short movies of various interesting parts of the holiday and was mostly happy with the results, just the odd jerky bits spoilt them. For most of the time I don't download the files unless its been a special trip or incident. This happened a few weeks ago and I wanted the number of a car and a record of the incident. It turned out the recordings had stopped when I fitted a reversing camera and managed to unplug the camera. In order to see what was on the card I took it out and checked it out on my Mac. There were great gaps in the records going back months but oddly the file numbers weren't continuous as if the camera had gone through the motions recording but not downloading the files despite allocating a number to them first.
I can plug it into a USB power source in my office and if I hold the camera and move it around it will record 3 and 5min films OK but if I put it down and leave it to film a pile of books it 'looses interest' after a short time and stops recording BUT the screen on the camera shows the picture that's in front of it. I've just been to the local supermarket, a 10 minute trip, and it recorded most of the trips but the only 3 minutes films are when I didn't have to stop at traffic lights. Then it stopped after a few seconds of being stationary and started again after I'd driven about 15 metres or so. On longer trips in the past months it appears to have stopped and started with longer breaks and no apparent reason, such as stopping the car.
So, where are we? The battery has practically no short term power retention and then only enough to show the start screen and then die as the camera image appears. After that it's dead, as it is after being left for a few minutes before attempting to switch it on. I've cleaned all the contacts, power and memory cards (a ScanDisk Extreme PLUS 128GB and a Kingston Micro SD HC 4 16GB). This tells me that battery is dead or there's a leakage somewhere - but this is the limit of my knowledge of things electrical with circuit boards (so don't ask any techy questions or my battery will go flat ;-)
Can anybody offer any helpful suggests/solutions? Will fitting a battery instead of the capacitor improve things?