128gb card issue


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Jan 18, 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi I have purchased a sandisk 128gb ultra card but the recorder keeps saying there is an issue with the card and will not record. It will let me format the card in the camera itself, but then refuses to work. I have the latest firmware installed.
Any ideas?
Thank you for taking your time to share this with me.
Read Speed 4.804 Write speed 5.614

How does match up with yours?
That's slow !

My 128gb card is up above 50

Was this on a USB3 port ?
Yes it was a usb3 slot
I used the programme in the link above. I tested another card which came in at 40mb.
I contacted the seller in eBay who gave me an instant refund. So I have ordered a Samsung card hopefully that's a lot better.
I would just like to say I am so glad I found this forum, so much help and advice in a straight forward way.
SDCard from Ebay = self inflicted :D
That's what I thought. They didn't argue or want the card back. Looked the genuine article though. Not sure how you could tell or find out.
Panicking now about the new card I have ordered serves me right for penny pinching when you consider the cost it could save if an accident should occur it's a bit foolish I suppose.
h2testw will detect most fake cards, it's very common for an online purchase, the bulk of the fake cards get used in mobile phones and people are none the wiser as it often takes a long time until they fill them to the point where they fail, in a dashcam the cards get filled quickly so fakes are easily found out