2cams or a 2chan setup - Under £100

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by thephatmaster, May 15, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    I'm after a twin cam or 2chan setup but limited by budget on most new kit.

    Have a rummage in your man-drawer (woman-draw also acceptable) and dust off those old cf-100 2chan units, 118s and anything else you think will fit the bill.

    GPS is desirable but I'm not bothered about WiFi/parking etc.

    Tell me what ya got.
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    Blacksys CF-100
    Just noticed this post. If you're still looking, I have a CF-100 with GPS, which was still working fine on both channels after 15 months use, when I removed it from my previous car before trading it in. The front & rear mounts, GPS mouse and cable clips have all been cleaned up and 3M VHB (5952F, the black foam one) applied ready for mounting in another vehicle.

    The only issue is that the ball-joint tightening ring on the front cam gave up as I unmounted it. So I substituted a tightening ring from a SportsDV cam mount, which is a lot beefier. I reduced the depth of this by about 30% so that the ball-joint can still get to most of the angles that it could with the original ring, while being held more tightly in place. However it looks borderline on getting enough angle for decent adjustment in the heavily-raked windscreen in my new car. This is the only reason I haven't re-fitted it.

    It's back in its original box and ready to go. PM me if you're interested, I'll look into postage costs and maybe we can arrive at a figure we both like.

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