3 Xiaomi YI as recoders for RallyeCar


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Mar 10, 2016
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First of all - i'm new here, so please forgive me...

i'm looking for information about possibility to mount 3 (or more) Xiaomi YI cams in Car, for multiple angle recording...

I'd like to use 3-6 Xiaomi cams for recording our rallye car at stages - interior and exterior
The best way will be to - power ON cameras by one switch in Car, the second switch will start recording...
of course all Xiaomi should be powered from car batt.

1. is possible (anyone tried)? - to trigger (multiple cams) by one button press ? (mechanical press button in the car) (using 4ex. USB)
2. is possible to activate to start camera and start record (one button start) when DC power is ON (for ex. from car accu)

maybe someone have an idea how to mount 3-6 cams in car, and activate them (power on) and start recording - using ONE or two - phisicial switch (they'll be mounted into car switch board)

thanks for reply, now i'm starting to search existing treads at this forum