[70mai pro GPS] dashcam video editing/creation : Apps/Procédure


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Aug 22, 2020
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Hi everybody,
I try to gather here the best way to perform cool video using videos out of the Midrive D02, 70mai Pro GPS !
I try to use dashware, datakam player also called registratorviewer, WinMP4Extract_install to extract GPX/KML infos from video and gps_extract.exe to do the same
If you used something else let me know and together we'll find the best way to produce cool movie with hot overlay infos !
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First, I tried
I extracted video using 70mai Android app, connection by wifi is not easy as it's loosing my dashcam after each connection... it's boring... but I transfer the videos onto my mobile like this...
open a cmd.exe windows under windowsOS typing : gps_extract -h file.mp4 to get file.gpx using 1sec interval.
I choose a Go pro template metric and introduce video+gpx file using GPX data file format with 1sec interval

That works pretty quickly when all gauges are well configured in the project... but it's quickly the mess when you have to deal with several files....

To merge gpx file, I use https://joewein.net/bike/gpxmerge/
And use the merging fonctionnality of dashware to get the global video stream to work with (but be careful because gps data are removed during the merging... a pity...)

Do you have another way to get something works easier on your side ?
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I also tried with RegistratorViewer

- use of WinMP4Extract to process video file, creating in a done sub-directory files .kml / .gpx / .srt
- load of the video into RV -> works directly (maps, speed curve, synchronization between kml/srt/gpx files and video...)
but video is not as sexy as dashware pretty project and Trouble is that Speed displayed is not in accordance with reality : nearly 170km/h displayed for a 45km/h real ....
Anybody finds how to use .gpx file created from winmp4extract v2.6.7 in dashware by creating a new data profile setting ?
it works better than gps_extract because it timetagges correctly position