A119S Lens Seems Fogged or Hazy


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Jun 14, 2017
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Is anyone else having issues with a Viofo A119S with a fogged or hazy-looking lens? The haze appears to be on the inside surface of the lens. The outside has been cleaned with photographic camera quality lens cleaner yet the haze remains. I have attached a couple of examples. I'm somewhat tempted to see if the camera head can be disassembled for cleaning, but I think it is all plastic, including the lenses (can someone confirm?) I'm afraid of breaking something. Anyone have the same issues here and find any resolution? This camera was purchased in 2017, and has performed very well, once some issues with the firmware were sorted out. This hazy/foggy issue has only showed up in the last year or so.


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If the haze you are seeing is on one of the elements inside the lens you will not be able to fix it. However, it isn't all that hard to replace the lens with a new one. There are many affordable M12 lenses on the market to choose from and they basically screw into the lens module housing after you unscrew the old one and then all you need to do is focus it and secure it in place. It can be a bit of a challenge but isn't too difficult if you have some basic DIY skills, but you'll need to dismantle the camera and the lens housing to access the lens.

Watch these videos and you'll find out if it is a project you feel you'd like to take on. If so, members here on DCT can help direct you to a new replacement lens. Viofo may also be able to provide one for you.

I confirm that there were cases of cloudiness on the 2017 recorders, plaque appears on the inside of the IR filter lens. Treatment: disassemble the lens head, unscrew the holder, wipe the IR filter with a cotton swab.
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Always clean glass lenses or IR cut filter surfaces by removing dust with a puff of compressed air and wiping with an appropriate cleaning solution like isopropyl alcohol in s circular motion. NEVER wipe a dry lens surface!
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