A129 Plus still has eMMC?


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Oct 16, 2019
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I am going to receive a replacement A129 Plus from Viofo due to the rear camera working intermittently. I had the original non-eMMC version. Anyone know if Viofo still makes the eMMC version as an option or are all cameras equipped with this or did Viofo do away with eMMC memory?

My original A129 Plus's rear camera sometimes worked, sometime not. Viofo sent a new rear camera and cable. Changing out the rear camera and cable, along with several firmware changes did not solve the issue. The last thing in the signal chain is the front camera. I am using a 256GB High Endurance card purchased directly from SanDisk formatted in the camera.

Lastly, I powered the system via my 12 volt socket, plugged directly into the camera, not the GPS module. Anyone know the advantage of plugging power directly into the GPS module? The rear camera was powered via the "rear" USB connection on the front camera.

Thanks in adavace