A229 Duo Test & Review PP

There is nothing much that we can do with the A229 Duo. I have HID's in my Creta and the dashcam is just not able to manage the lighting when there is a car in front. Exposure is high so everything looks bright and no registration plate can be read.
I do not have HIDs. They are stock halogen bulbs. If camera has not been calibrated to read even with stock lamps, then this is an issue.
For a dashcam with HDR, the only choice is A139 Pro which comes with the Starvis 2 sensor & HDR enabled it costs around 35K in India.
I can't buy a dashcam again and that too this expensive, this one was bought few months back. Sorry. They should have thought about this in the first place before launching in the market.

FYI, A129 can read plates but this upgraded version cannot. So how exactly is a customer supposed to know whether this one would read plates or not, when the previous one does? Both of these have same sensors.
I don't think it is focus related as I own the same dashcam and night footage is not as great as daytime.
You might have accepted this as fate, but I cannot. If this was in A119, I would have accepted as it was not so expensive. Secondly, what is the point if it cannot perform for the role it has been installed. I am not asking it to read all the plates at 80kmph, even the plates at standstill are not legible.

It is hard to confirm if the focus of your camera is bad or not through the footage or videos at night. Since the A229 has no HDR and the night condition is not so good, the performance of the camera will not be as good as in the daytime. It is better to send us a video during the day. Would you mind opening a ticket here to get further help? https://support.viofo.com/support/tickets/new
Night condition is fairly good in the videos I have posted. I can post other videos as well where there are no street lamps and it fares even worse.
Yes, will surely open a ticket. Hope to get a resolution.
I filmed a comparison with A229 vs. A139 Pro using the Built-In Microphones, and the EXTERNAL Microphones.
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Have a listen to see if you can hear a difference;