Amazing GPS on DOD LS330W/LS430W


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Jul 22, 2013
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Taiwan, Province Of China
find some interesting videos reagrding DOD 5X speed GPS..
the GPS is much better than current car DVR's GPS on the market..
I think it's the fastest GPS on car DVR..

- DOD 5X speed GPS mouse on Taiwan high speed rail
- on plane (speed over 880km/hr)
- compare with other brand
looks like have much better accuracy than the ****ty GPS of the car dvr I had,
it's very interesting the route path seems draw how the racetrack iso_O
is that the one from Papago? seems like DOD GPS is much more accurate. :)
Looks good, and better than my Lukas LK-7500G can do.
When i push the trottle hard in my 1000 ccm litttle car i can outpace the GPS on my camera, and when i look at the map in the Lukas palyer it seem like the Map is 50 M or so behind what is recorded.

This look smoothe and the way it should be :)
Congratulations !


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I preferred the operation temperature test.

Are you able to get gps data out of the video file?
not yet but looking at the file I can see it's not that important, the "5x GPS" isn't updating the data in the video any faster than usual, I didn't really expect they would be though as others that use the same GPS do it like this also, just wanted to check if they had actually done something differently or were just promoting something as a feature
Try the DoD player, it does update the GPS data more frequently. 5x a second.

Unless they are somehow calculating that in the video, but during driving it has 5Hz update, so its not really faked. (LS430W)