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Jun 2, 2014
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Hey guys, I have a new review on the C1 Pro model. Like the original C1 I did buy this myself, I did not receive it from Anker or a retailer at discount or for free, I bought it here from Amazon. My thread from the original C1 is still on the first page here, so anyone reading lately likely knows about the recall of the C1. I wanted to get this out of the way since it will sound like a huge issue. Some models of the C1 were recalled because they were getting hot enough that the battery would expand just enough to make the LCD screen pop out. Anker claims this is not a safety issue and offered replacement cams for anyone who had an affected unit. I bought mine brand new from amazon as soon as I saw it available but mine was not one of the affected units. It was by a serial number range.

The C1 Pro also uses a battery so if you live in a very hot climate you may want to consider another camera if you are worried about having issues, and you really shouldn't use it in parking mode if you do go with this cam. It's really up to each person to decide based on the climate they live in if they think this camera would be ok for them. Its operating temperature is 14 deg F to 149 deg F.

That behind us now, the C1 Pro is an upgrade in several ways. The C1 used an NT96658 chipset and IMX323 that supported up to 1080p30. The Pro model uses an NT 96660 and OV 4689 that supports up to 1440p30. This is the same chipset and image sensor as the Viofo A119 (not the A119S tho).

In addition to the higher resolution, it has built in GPS.

When I tested the C1 last May I had some issues with the smart phone app and I found that it works great now. I even tested it on my old C1 and upgraded the firmware with no issues. Anker has seemed to work out the kinks with the app.

This model also comes with a 32gb Samsung EVO micro sd card. I did not find any documentation to show it supports any higher than 32gb.

This cam also uses the same unique internal battery based parking mode, but like the original C1 there is a delay between the time it senses and impact and the recording starts. Although it seems about a second or two quicker at about 5 to 6 seconds. If someone were to hit you in a parking lot, you would better hope they get out to inspect the damage because if they immediately drive off you might not have good enough evidence.

Check out the review below, and comparisons between the A119, C1, and C2 also (the individual videos are at 1440p, the review video is only 1080p).

C1 Pro vs. C1 vs. C2 Day:

C1 Pro vs. C1 vs. C2 Night:

C1 Pro vs. A119 Day:

C1 Pro vs. A119 Night:

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