Anker Roav C2 Video Review


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Jun 2, 2014
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Hey guys, here is my 3rd Anker Roav review, this time the C2 model. I bought this one myself here from amazon.

This model is a digital camera style form factor instead of the wedge design of the C1 and C1 Pro.

It also has no wifi and no GPS. So it is a much more basic camera. There are a few pros of this model though, while it still does use a battery with Anker's unique take on parking mode, its operating temperature is rated as high as 158, as opposed to 149 F of the C1 models. So it can take slightly more heat. But as it does have a battery, people in really hot climates like the southern US need to consider whether or not it will work for them. At the least, you probably wouldn't want to run the parking mode during hot weather.

It does also come with two mounts, an adhesive one, and suction cup. The suction cup is pretty high quality. It is just like the one that comes with the SJCAM dash cam. Much more low profile than what comes with the G1W models.

I did compare the Viofo G1W-S along side this one too. Personally I like the C2 better because the video quality is about the same. The C2 looks sharper (maybe too sharp) and the color looks better. But the G1W-S is currently $35 cheaper on amazon. I think what makes the C2 worth it is the great audio alerts. it will tell you if your memory card is full, it will tell you when there is no memory card, when its switching to parking mode etc.

It also uses physical buttons instead of those annoying capacitive touch buttons of the C1 models.


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