Another Fake Being Sold on Ebay - abeyerr


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Feb 23, 2014
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I figured rather than add the name to the bottom of the thread about todo, I would just make this new one. I made the mistake of watching youtube reviews on the G1W, saw one on Ebay and ordered it for £22 and THEN found this website and its talk of counterfit. I could only wait and hope it wouldnt be a bad one, but it was. Its the blue front plated one. It records in AVI files, and it came in the orange box, which says "Black Box" on it. The specs on the box show the correct chip and MOV files. but thats not the case. I just reported it to EBay, im hoping to get a return of my money.

I used the camera for the first time yesterday on a little road trip and the quality isnt horrible, but its definitely lacking. Disappointed but what can you do. :(

heres his current auction for the fake cam-

edit** I also forgot to mention I just checked his feedback and other people have received fakes from him in there as well, so im not the only one!
U can get a real one maybe a little bit more so not out of the possibility you could be under the impression buying proper one. I would list it as counterfeit as suppose to be mov format which is original
yeah i reported it to ebay as a fake so Im hoping I get my refund through their guarantee service.
Ohhh i know abeyerr. Thats not just the only shop of them on eBay. I got to know them very well in my past. This company got a few other eBay accounts with the names: demonerrr, demon99, toymodel55, hkiron-usa, hkiron-aus, bylimshop, tywseller and much more.
Even if they use different auction layouts, different adresses etc. Its still the same company. I could even prove it if i need to xD
Better try to avoid them
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