Any newly released compact dashcams that are portable, easy install?


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May 23, 2015
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I know almost all dashcams need long wires to hide and many need to be hardwired to properly hide or install. I have been wondering if there is any new compact dashcams yet that are portable, easy to install and remove without having to hide , hardwire long wires/cables? I am not DIY. I also don't want anything that will void my new Hyundai Santa Fe car factory warranty. I looked at the Vantrue M1, looks like it is a tiny camera that you can install/hide behind your rear view mirror? Any info on this?. I


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Oct 11, 2013
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Most cameras are pretty small, people are often mistaking due to large pictures.
If you have no need for parking mode and so can use the normal cigarette lighter plug approach for power, it is pretty easy to route the wire along the top of the windscreen then across the top of the A pillar and then under the weather seal down to where you can cut back into the car and under the dashboard and on to the lighter socket.
Most often you can do it with no tools or disassembly of anything.

The biggest issue in regard to a stealthy install is the layout of your windscreen, most prominent the new cars that have a big sensor housing drooping down on the windscreen.
The M1 look to me a snap on mirror style camera, it is also a dual camera so you will have to route a wire all the way out back, and the rear camera dont look to be suited to mounting on the inside of your rear window, TBH it more look as a camera meant for installing on the outside, which just complicate wiring even more and probably need holes to be drilled.

A rear camera are probably the thing that can complicate the install the most, you will have to keep the wire behind / out of the way of potential deploying airbags.
One way to do this is to take the low route along the floor and panels, but some times this are a too long route for the cables even if you have gotten a extra long one / you cant just extend these wires like you can many other wires, even if it is seemingly regular USB plugs in the end of the wire.

For a skillful car stereo shop or something along those lines, a dashcam install should not be more then a 1 hour job, maybe 2 max.
Even hard wire ( for parking guard or just to keep your lighter socket free for other stuff ) you dont have to cut into anything, you just piggy back on fuses in the fuse box, once piggy back adapter is removed there will be no evidence it have ever been there.
Your car dont appear to have a large sensor housing in front of the mirror, so no problem putting a wedge style camera on either side of that, the wedge cameras once installed just come off as yet another sensor when looked at from the outside.

PS: the rock bottom version of your car ( probably dont even sell in the US as no American would drive a stripped car like that ) well here in Denmark it cost 90.050 USD ( 2.2 CRDi 200 HP - Trend Deluxe package no 4x4 )
The 4x4 and premium package will set you back 107.600 USD