[App] Ambarella A2 RomKitchen v0.7 (discontinued)

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Yes, just replace XX___DVRPlayer.exe with your desired application.

I just replace to Registrator viewer, Work like a charm!!
One thing is file name still "o jo player" (forgot the name:confused:) but it not a big problem.
yeah it's ojocam branded therefore ist player is called ojocam dvr player or something like this :)

If anyone has any ideas related to this tool (design/functions/etc) please let me know and I'll look what I can do!
Bricked camera, tried with Direct USB, driver installed OK but no device recognised, UN-bricking cable is OK I can see my other camera so not that, is there any way back please
What did you modify? Send me your firmwarefile please.
It is almost impossible to fullbrick it so theres always a way back. Which Version od DirectUSB are you using? Are you sure that your cable is ok?
Still want to know what you tried to do :p

v0.4.1 now got a sexy splash screen. This is the only change, not important, so no need to redownload :P
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Not sure I tried to change image with 36kb Vauxhall logo, using AmbaRomKitchen-04, it wrote the firmware OK tried to flash onto camera and it seemed to be brickedvauxhall_logo_wallpaper-t2.jpg
v0.4 or v0.4.1?
v0.4 had a serious bug regarding the shortcut "Change boot/shut logo"
yes,you can always check for updates using Menubar -> ? -> Check
Firmware compiles OK flashes but I get message on screen file system yes no if I select yes I get Merge files? an it locks up? using v0.4.1
Not sure what you are talking about.. Could you provide a Picture?
lol! Never saw that prompt before
No worries will see how it goes, thanks for your help

I am getting duplicate files in romfs upload_2014-2-4_21-38-48.png

Forgot to mention something: Always clean the Directory after modifying it again. never Export without removing the old Folder first
o_o send me the Firmware you're decompiling. 75 files i way too much
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