Sep 11, 2016
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Viofo A118C & A118C V2
Hey Guys!

I recently purchased the Auto-Vox A118C model from amazon after seeing impressive sample clips and reviews from YouTube and the web! To clarify, i purchased from Auto-Vox amazons page and not some fake one of eBay/copy model!

You can see the reviews are even good! I received mine yesterday, and I'm VERY disappointed in the quality. It is nowhere near what anybody else has got. Its very blurry, unclear and grainy - whats worse is its very dark. Ive tried changing the resolution and turning WDR off/on, as well as the E/R settings but I'm having no luck :(

Im hoping to see if you guys have any recommendations for me to do/try or if you guys have encountered a similar issue, and how you resolved it?

I have uploaded a sample clip for you here if you guys want to see what i mean!

Any help is appreciated, as I'm new to dash cams and I'm impressed by its shape/design. If not ill have to return/replace it - however, i don't think that'll solve the issue, nor would i trust that the replacement would be any different :(

Sample Clip:

Look forward to your comments!

Thanks for the fast reply!

Im not too sure, i literally only just got it and started using it - how does one check?
Im new to dashcams so I'm not too good with this, i only heard good things about the a118c which is why i went for it!

go into the settings menu (second page), scroll to the end and version number is the last option
Will i need to do this while its plugged into the car or can it be done via my laptop? Im at home currently with it (Its 11pm) so i won't be able to plug it into the car until tomorrow morning!

At home better use wall socket phone charger with USB 2.0 port + USB to MiniUSB cable ( if you have one ) to power up dascham.
just power it up, use a USB phone charger is fine, stop any recording, press menu twice to get into the second level menu, mic key to scroll down
Oh no, i purchased of in the hope that this product would be legitimate, more fool me :(

you bought auto-vox and you got auto-vox, just the problem is they no longer buy the original version, send it back and start again I guess

there is an updated version coming of the Viofo version which is going to make things easier to identify so this doesn't keep happening, that should be out soon
@viofo will be able to advise where to buy the correct model in your market, they'll be online here in a few hours time (5:30am where they are right now)
Cant trust any marketplace anymore :( Il wait for viofo to hopefully comment back on where i can buy a legit model of theres which will be the same quality as what I've seen and been impressed by so far!

there is an updated version coming soon also which will have better video than the previous version
I looked at your original file, it is 12Mbps bit-rate.
8PM September UK is getting dark and it is hard to get numberplates reading, so don't expect something over the top from most daschams for that time / date. But for sure going with original Viofo would increase stability. Also you may turn your dashcam vertical angle one click up.
Is it more money though? The current one is really just in my budget :(
The sample will be available at the end of this month, and retail price will be almost same as previous version.
Techmoan reviewed it long enough ago that his was an original - there weren't any copies yet.

@EshanMistry73 - I would suggest looking for an a119 camera instead. It's only a little more expensive but it's a much better camera, especially at night. And since it just came out, there aren't any copies yet.
Spytec buy from @viofo they're a safe supplier, if buying on Amazon just make sure you get something sold by spytec, the checkout process isn't always so clear on who you're buying off
£50 is literally my budget :( Do you know where I can get a @viofo a118c (Original)?
SpyTec prices at Amazon UK for A118C & A119 are £45 & £63 respectively. The £18 difference buys 3.5 gallons of Unleaded. How far will that get you? Buy the A119, the A118C is a false economy.