Autosync - how does it work? what's 'auto' about it?


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Dec 10, 2019
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Worthing, UK
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Hi all, been playing with my new 422GW the past few days. Not 100% impressed so far but in the process of understanding what the settings mean and fine tuning them to suit my own needs. One area I'm struggling with is the wi-fi downloads to my phone. I'm downloading low quality, 3 min files and the download graph seems to fluctuate up and down periodically not downloading anything at all and then kicking back into life meaning even my low quality downloads are taking a while (phone is literally sitting next to the dashcam the whole time)

So I start noticing the autosync alerts on my phone when I pressed my red button on the cam while I was driving but I can't see anything 'auto' about it at all as it still requires a number of button presses to download and sync to my Nextbase Cloud! even more button presses I think than just choosing the clip afterwards and downloading it?! It seems I have to turn on autosync ON each time I press the red button??

Am I using it wrong? or is this a new feature which is still being improved on in the background by Nextbase?
Many thanks in advance

NextBase Support

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Mar 22, 2017
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Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

The 3 minute footage, even in low res, will take a few minutes to download just because of the small size of the Wi-Fi module inside the Dash Cam. The download graph fluctuates because of external interference. To improve this, I'd recommend disconnecting completely from any other Wi-Fi (including home Wi-Fi) and any other devices (such as other Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices). I'd also recommend trying to move to a separate area of the house with less interference from electrical external sources (electrical devices).

The Autosync function on MyNextbase Connect will automatically produce a notification on your phone when you press the Protect button on your Dash Cam. This is to help you download the specific Protected Files quickly rather than needing to search through the file list. This will not automatically sync to the Nextbase Cloud, but instead download onto the 'Library' file on the app. There is an extra button on the sync page (after the Wi-Fi connection has been established) which you can highlight to also upload to the cloud, but this is an opt-in message rather than an opt-out option.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Millie- Nextbase