AV Input on Panorama G


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Apr 22, 2014
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So the Panorama G camera has not only an AV output but also an AV input which can be used for any composite AV source - so far I've tested with a PAL source only.

Basically you need one of these:
Video Only

Video and Audio - USA
Video and Audio - UK
If you use the Pier28 cable you're good to go as it's configured to work with the Panorama Series for output and input, whereas if you go for one of the 4 pole AV cables with 3 phonos (red, white and yellow) you need to make sure you hook up the video to the white connector (usually it's yellow with AV and the white connection is the right audio channel but not for this application).

Output is easy and once the cable is connected the screen on the device will power off although the touch screen still works so you use that to control the camera.

Input will automatically display as soon as a source is detected.

You would need two cables along with something like the following to make sure that the video output you wish to use is connected to the correct input of the Panorama G (white connector of the 3 pronged cable).


Here you can see the AV output working:

And then here you can see the CAM/IN working:
IMG_2106 (1).JPG
I saw you'd mentioned it a couple of weeks ago asking - I only just got around to opening the bag with the cable in it :D

Works well though mate - the only problem is that to use a reverse camera you'd have to manually connect and disconnect (although saying that you're probably not bothered about seeing out the front as you're looking that way anyway!)

I did read somewhere that you can buy special reversing cameras for these that have a trigger wire connected to the reverse light so basically you only get the display when you put the car into reverse.

I'll PM you the details of that one mate :)
So the Panorama G camera has not only an AV output but also an AV input which can be used for any composite AV source
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Does AV input allow you to see input on Panorama G display or also to record it?
Would be nice to record rear view camera video feed.