B4K Hardwire kit issues


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Mar 14, 2018
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I’ve had a B4K front and rear hardwired for over 2 years but just started experiencing a new issue. The camera was mostly working fine for 2 years, but I just added a MagSafe charger and wireless CarPlay adapter to my car and that’s when the problems started. For about a week the camera has randomly rebooted itself during driving. I reset the settings and formatted the card, and now the camera won’t record when driving. I think it’s actually in parking mode because if I bang on the camera it will start recording, but by default it is not (only the blue light is on when I start the car).

I think these units are highly susceptible to changes in power. I’ve had to disable auto start/stop since owning because any time I stopped at a traffic light and the auto start/stop engaged it would reboot the camera as if I’d turned the ignition off and on. It’s just weird it worked ok for years and now is going crazy after I added other accessories to the cars electrical system.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to fix?
Hi, I had much the same problem.
Sometimes the camera would just suddenly reboot for no apparent reason or not even switch on at times. I eventually changed the power supply to a 12v 2Amp but even with this power supply I'm not fully convinced it's enough. It just appears the camera for some reason pulls a lots of current.
You could try a 12v 2Amp or even a 12v 2.5Amp power supply maybe this will sort out the problem.
I tried the camera with the supplied 12v adapter instead of the hardwire kit and experienced the exact same issues, so it actually doesn’t appear to be a power supply issue, at least not entirely. Oddly, even with the standard cigarette adapter powering and all parking mode options off, the camera goes into parking mode while driving (blue light only, no recording). Really frustrating yet again with a Blueskysea product. When they work they’re great, but sadly the technical issues aren’t worth it anymore.
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