Battery Level reset / battery calibration scripts ?


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Dec 26, 2015
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Hi all,

I'am using a Yi, tweaked for external power supply ( Quite similar setup as

Camera is now wired directly to an external battery, with a far larger capacity than the original one. However, the Yi doesnt allow me to draw the whole capacity of this battery (and probably not much more than the original capacity), unless i disconnect and reconnect the battery.

From my point of view, the state of charge calculation seems to be made not only on voltage, but perhaps on elapsed time, start stop count, shots count, recording time or anything else. Or there is a kind a calibration of the battery.

- My battery (approx 10x the capacity of the original) is fully charge and connected to the Yi
- I'm taking automated shots using a scripts
- The battery level go down at the same speed as with the original battery. Normally from blue to red.
- The camera doesn't start anymore (Red + blink at start, as low batt indication), but my batt level is still about 90%.
- If i disconnect the batt (5s) and reconnect, it seems that the Yi consider it as a battery exchange, and I can draw another full cycle

The new battery chemistry is the same as the original one.

I'am looking for a scripts line able either to :
- emulate the battery change
- calibrate the yi as per my new battery capacity

Does anybody have an idea on this ?
I browsed around and did not found anything for the Yi.
For Gopro 3, an interesting command seems to exist as "t app lowbatt 100 10000000" but not very well documented.

Thanks for your help
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