Best multi-channel parking mode camera?


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Jun 18, 2015
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I've spent a couple days trying to figure out what the best options are for a continuous or motion detected parking cam, and I am stumped. A cam that will automatically switch on when I turn the car off would be the highest priority as I plan to use a separate cam during my commute. Ideally, I'd love to rig a 4- or 5-channel setup, doesn't have to be controlled by one DVR, but must be able to be hooked up to one power source (any recs for that would be appreciated as well as I don't want to ruin my 12v car battery). I'd also like to have wifi-access for live cam mode capabilities, but that wouldn't be a requirement, just ideal. Another feature I'm after is discreteness, I drive an intermediate-sized Ford, and I have been considering tinting the front side windows and windshield, so discreteness might not be needed if I go that route, but the ability to not be affected by the tint would be priority in that case. I do have a lower-grade tint on the back windows already.

Basically -

Capable of being discrete w/o tint and/or compatibility with tinted windows

Ability to establish 4 or 5-channel continuous or pre-buffered motion-detected recordings or a 2x2 chan setup that can be DIY'd to function off of a separate power source

Wifi for Live Streaming and quick view of any recent events - not mandatory

California-Heat Resistant

Will work off a separate power source

Can be connected to the fuse box to toggle on Parking Mode when the car is turned off - not mandatory, but ability to turn the camera on/off manually is

And again, I'll take any recommendations for an additional power source (solar power rechargeable would be nice, but open to other options). I am not good with car mechanics or taking apart electronics, so anything DIY that comes with a video would be appreciated.
Hi and welcome to the forum.

How do you like my samples of 4 ch set-up using 4x Street Guardian SGZC12RC ?
It covers most of your requirements, except wifi.
The only thing for you do decide where to mount ( hide ) 4 main units. I would recommend glove box.
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Yes, I have an excellent place to put them in my car, I have a dashboard console that would be large enough, I'd have to look into the SGZC12RC more and see if it comes with a wire splitter so I can run it off 2 battery packs - now looking at the cellink b.