BlackBoxMyCar earned my respect and future business, it should yours as well


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Mar 23, 2018
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I had pre ordered the Cellink NEO battery pack from early this year. I had a few questions before purchase concerning how everything hooked up as well as having no idea what fuses my particular vehicle had. They were quick as heck at answering my email as well as a live chat I made with them. The NEO arrived quickly and is a quality product, definite step up from the smaller pack it replaced in my vehicle.

I've been considering the new DR900S 2CH and again, they spent the time answering each and every question or request I've had as best they could the past few days. Be on the look out for an order from my BBMC, I think one is coming soon because of the help, reviews, videos and customer service you guys provide.

If you're looking for a business ran professionally and by great people, look no further than :)
Agreed. They’re good people. I ran into them at SEMA or CES (I forget which) and have been in contact with them online and met up with some of them for some collab videos. Two thumbs up from me as well. [emoji106][emoji106]