Blackvue 650s 2CH Verizon MIFI disconnected


Nov 14, 2013
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United States
I've had the Blackvue running with the iPad hotspot for a while with no problem (1004 - 1006), but then I swapped the iPad with the Verizon hotspot Novel JETPACK MiFi 7330L. The problem is that when the Mifi screen turns off, the camera loses the connection and reconnects again when the Mifi turns on to alert that the connection disconnected. On other devices there is no problem at all; they stay connected.

A quick search online shows that the problem existed before April, and Blackvue's response is the usual answer: format your memory card and send us the config files if the problem continues.

I just setup my Blackvue with the iPhone SE, and since this morning there have been no disconnection messages. I lost $35 for a restocking fee for returning the hotspot. What are others using to run their Blackvue cloud with?
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